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Ron Smith


Professionally, I possess over 15 years in the merchant accounts industry. Prior to electronic payments, I enjoyed in excess of 20 years in accounting/management, taxation and the administration of non-profits. My goal is simple: to be a major force in providing electronic payments to businesses and industries, reducing/eliminating the old paradigm of chasing paper, and providing cutting edge technological solutions to my clients that offer fast and efficient handling of their receivables and payables. I am one of two founders of Mid America Solutions LLC (MAS). The other founder is now retired. MAS has three divisions: (1) Retail/POS/Swipe environments; (2) card-not-present (i.e. – back office accounting integrations, mail order/telephone order business, Internet/e-Commerce), and Mobile payment processing using smart phone and tablet technology. Personally, I am a family man with my bride of 30+ years and three grown children, each with outstanding spouses, and someday - grandchildren. I am passionate about serving others, being innovative, shooting sub-par in golf (on at least one hole per course), chasing HUGE dreams, and living each day with integrity and love towards those around me. As you look for ways to improve your bottom line, become more efficient, all the while enhancing your customer satisfaction quotient, please know that my company (MAS) would consider it a privilege and a pleasure to work with you and your employees in reaching the objectives you have set forth. Let us hear from you, today!

Aaron Smith

VP of Business Development

Aaron Joined Mid America Solutions in January of 2012. Aaron studied International Marketing and Entrepreneurship in the Fall’s School of Business at Anderson University. After Graduating in 2007, Aaron dove straight into an accelerated MBA program finishing in 2008. Aaron brings to the Company an enthusiasm for new ideas and opportunities. Aaron loves to hear about your business and then to brainstorm with you to provide better solutions, or seek new opportunities. Having grown up in America’s heartland, Aaron is passionate about helping others realize and reach their full potential to impact the communities around them. Contact Aaron for new ideas or business opportunities.


About Mid America Solutions

15 Years and Counting

Trusted by many, impacting thousands

Though a smaller corporate structure, Mid America Solutions combines more than 30 years of experience in accounting, business administrative services, and the electronic payments industry. MAS is dedicated to offering the most advanced automated payment processing solutions available on the market today. Whether it is through merchant credit card services, electronic checking, mobile, or internet payments, we are confident we can design a payment solution that will enhance your in-office efficiency, cash flow, and bottom-line margin! We also bring to the table the latest technology in hardware and software, assuring seamless transactions and posting to A/R and A/P. Mid America Solutions makes it possible for any size business/retailer to implement the same cost-effective automation that the giant retailers and corporations have enjoyed in recent years, reserving more time for the business/retailer to concentrate on revenue generating activities and customer service. MAS is an ISO/Agent with Multiple Registered MSPs/Processors, Registered ISO with ACH Direct, Inc., Allen TX and other check processors, and is partnered with various other electronic service providers (payment gateways, shopping carts, personalized online payment web sites, mobile payment apps, and payment portals).

MAS has put together a stellar group of processors and industry leaders in offering the highest quality of electronic payment services to businesses that exists today.

It is the commitment to industry excellence that calls MAS to choose those services and processors that will best serve clients’ needs.

Additionally, MAS serves its clients as front line Customer Service contact. In so doing, MAS is able to address questions and issues most expediently with minimal interruption or delays to its clients operations.

Unlike many larger organizations where clients must rely on successfully maneuvering an extensive phone menu, then hope to speak to the person who will be most capable of providing answers and resolutions; MAS endeavors to answer all contacts within an hour if not immediately, and its clients will actually speak to individual(s) who have been in the merchant services industry long enough to effectively assist you.